Doctor Designed. Hospital Tested.

CASTrGARD provides an efficient & cost-effective solution to prevent wheel obstructions. Designed & developed by an anesthesiologist/engineer specifically for the health care environment, CASTrGARD is the only wheel guard device able to meet all your requirements.

Protection = Cost Savings.

CASTrGARD protects expensive cables, probes & wires, which leads to significant cost savings, estimated at up to $1000/year per operating room, not to mention time savings or reduced hassles.

Keep Your Eyes on What Matters.

Designed by an anesthesiologist/engineer who understands the clinical environment, CASTrGARD eliminates the need to stop monitoring the patient to clear a wheel obstruction.

Which CASTrGARD Do I Choose?

CASTrGARD comes in a variety of sizes & colors to appropriately fit your equipment and environment.

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How Do I Order CASTrGARD?

Ordering is quick & easy with a number of options, including ordering online or by phone.

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The CASTrGARD Gallery

See all the ways that CASTrGARD can be used on your medical equipment.

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